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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Midnite the Cat

This is my favorite cat and yarn story . . . . and it's true!
My friend Rosie had a cat named Midnite. He was a large, fat, black cat. He loved to play fetch, specially with Rosie's yarn balls.
Anyway, we were both in Nursing school at the time and working part-time to boot. Midders did NOT like being left alone.
One night after a long week at school and picking up some extras hours at work, Rosie had a date. She was VERY late coming home. Mr. Midders had taken yarn balls and smacked them all over the living room.
Ok, a mess to clean up, right? Nope, it gets better.
Somehow. Monsieur Le Cat had managed to do the wrapping about 2 inches up off the floor. Just enough for an unsuspecting human to slip their foot right under the yarn.
Getting the picture here?
Poor Rosie comes home after her date, tired and a little tipsy. It's dark, and in she goes. The next few seconds she recalled to me like they happened in slow motion. She's now in free fall, she has no idea why! She still can't see anything because the lamp she had been reaching for is in free fall with her. She lands with a resounding THUMP. The light lands next to her and comes on. She is now half in and half out of her front door, the light shining for all the world to see, she's on the floor in what she calls the most unladylike position imaginable, flat on her stomach with the air knocked out of her, and as she glances up, there is Midnite, sitting just out of reach, and she swears he was grinning at her like the Cheshire Cat himself. He very calmly walked over to his cuddly place and sat down to give himself a well deserved bath! Cats! gotta love 'em!